Robert Pelliccia Designs - Unique Handcrafted Jewelry


For more than 30 years Robert Pelliccia has been designing and making works of art to be worn with the same emotion, passion and love that were crafted into them, with the addition of new memories by the wearer. Robert has received 17 major Jewelry Design Awards, including 3 De Beers "Diamonds Today" Awards, 14 Awards associated with AGTA Spectrum Awards (American Gem Trade association) and 1 Modern Jeweler "Buyer Choice Award". Robert designs every piece of jewelry with the same intensity and artistic expression as if were being entered into a prestigious design competition... because in reality, it is a competition. Each piece is competing to win your heart.
1993 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award
1994 Modern Jeweler Buyer's Choice Award
1995 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award
1999 DeBeers Diamonds Today award
1999 AGTA Spectrum Award
2000 AGTA Spectrum Award
2001 AGTA Spectrum Award
2002 AGTA Platinum Honors Award
2005 AGTA Platinum Honors Award
2005 AGTA Spectrum Award
2006 AGTA Spectrum Award
2007 AGTA Spectrum Award
2009 AGTA Buyers Choice Award
2009 AGTA Spectrum Award
2011 AGTA Platinum Honors Award
2012 AGTASpectrum Award
2016 AGTA Summer Spectrum Award

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